Are you tired of living in pain? We have helped hundreds just like you!

We get to the source of your pain without drugs or surgery, and get you back to the activities you love. Relief is Possible.

The NEW Way of Chiropractic Care and Physical Medicine

We Get you out of pain for good

Your goal is to get back to doing what you love – pain-free. Our goal is to get you there quickly without surgery or narcotics. We give the same high level care to all of our patients from Professional Athletes and Olympians, to Moms and Grandpas. Through our integrated team Chiropractors and Medical specialist we have combined the best of both modern and alternative medicine to give you, personalized lasting relief.
No narcotics, No surgery, Just relief.

Our Specialties

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Back Pain

8 out of 10 Adults will experience Low Back pain at some point. We are experts in relieving the pain and getting you back to doing the things you love. 

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Neck Pain

Having acute or chronic neck pain can affect every aspect of your life. Our team gets to the root cause to get you back to doing the things you love. 

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Sciatica is pain classified as pain that runs down the buttock, leg, and into the foot. It can be caused by several things. We conduct a thorough exam that guides us in out treatment of sciatica. 

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Headaches can put a complete stop to your day and ruin special memories.  There are several different types of headaches and migraines and diagnosing the correct type is crucial to success of your treatment.

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Joint Pain

We use the most up to date research and techniques to diagnose and treat Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, and Hip Pain all without drugs or surgery. 

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Sports Injury

Being an athlete is part of LIVING. At Vantage Medical Pain and Wellness Center we believe that weather you are on a professional sports team or not we are all athletes, and should be treated as such. 

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Auto Accident

Unfortunate things happen. Sometimes that comes in the form of a auto accident. Weather you are a driver or a passenger we can help you with the injuries that may occur. 

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Weight loss & i.v. Therapy

At Vantage Medical Pain and Wellness Center we take your care to the next level by providing weight loss and I.V. Vitamin therapy to enhance your full potential. 

What to Expect

At Vantage Medical Pain and Wellness Center you will experience personalized care under our curated rapid pain relief program.
We offer care that focuses on giving you 3 main results. 

1: ​RELIEF- Feel unbelievable without drugs or surgery

2: REVIVE- Get back to doing the things you love

3: RENEW- Be the person you deserve to be for yourself and your family

The Steps We Take to Get You There


To start your care with us we will conduct a thorough exam using the highest level of diagnostics. Often times you might have pain in one area but the source might be somewhere else. (i.e. a knee that is overcompensating and in pain from pelvic and lumbar dysfunction) Our exam will guide us to figure out what the root cause of your pain is. 

Review of Findings

After the exam we analyze the results and discuss the best treatment options for you, your life-style, and your goals with our team. A custom start-to-finish treatment plan is created by the entire treatment team and curated for you. 

Custom Treatment Plan

Before starting treatment, we discuss our findings and explain our treatment plan, so you know why we do what we do and how it is going to get you back to the life that you love.



  • ​Constant chronic pain: Everything I do seems to hurt me more
  • ​Missing out on activities: I don't get to make memories for myself or with my loved ones because I hurt too much
  • ​Loss of hope: I've tried everything and nothing works

I get it! I've been there. Here is your way out.



April V.

"I have suffered from migraines for the past 4 years! About a month ago I started getting them daily. Dr. Countryman created a plan that included adjustments, physical therapy, and massages for me. I’m happy to say I haven’t had a migraine for over a month now. I highly recommend him!! The staff is also very attentive and friendly"


Erin B.

"I have had adjustments and PRP injections for a torn rotator cuff. The PRP injections were by far the biggest help in my recovery, I was able to lift and move my arm the week after receiving them. I always receive great care here and have experienced a huge improvement in my life!"


Greg M.

"Dr Countryman is great! The whole staff at Vantage Medical is caring and professional. Within a month my long time neck pain was gone. They formed a specialized plan just for me, informed me of my condition and worked diligently with me to fix it. If you are looking for a place to go to actually treat your back, neck, or joint pain look no further"

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